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You still don't know who we are? That's ok! Here, you'll find all the necessary info.

Rechargeable &Sensor, the light night headlamp

USB rechargeable power head torch, ABS body with an 2 switches,have  5  cool white lighting modes and 2 red lighting modes.

Soft Rubber ABS material,with strong hook backside,colourful lighting and  warnning for Tent.

Foldable& pocket case shape camping lantern

Mini keychain flashlight;COB Trip with 3 modes lighting ,match any ABS colours,have plastic clip and keychain use widely.

Multi-purpose ,the best fitting for Backpack

Steady mode and red warning mode mix, aluminum alloy head with powerful brightness bike light,use  li-on battery inclding inside.

USB charging cable multi-function head bikelight

Rectangle ABS shape,clip for 3 lighting modes ,easy to change battery and good mini torch for outdoor or night activities.

Side COB & front 2LEDs portable keychain flashlight

USB rechargeable rear bike light,ABS body with smart switch,have different decoration lights ,red light of 5 modes.

Multi-shape & blinking Tail bicycle light

Rechargeable by Micro USB,charge for phone;ipad;kindle devices,smart shape with 4 lighting modes.

SMD led and 2 red warning front lamp,with dry battery and have 5 modes lighting,water resistant and easy to carry.

Classic model, Super Bright& Red warning headlamp

3 SMD with big and small head two types,long hanging rubber rope with hole,switch in the middle lighting for 3 modes.

Multi-task and soft twinkle flash light

Flash shape and ABS front bicycle light,big angle and long lighting distance,IP67 waterproof ,have 4 lighting modes.

Water proof ,fast flashing bicycle front light




You still don't know who we are? That's ok! Here, you'll find all the necessary info.

Ningbo New Wick International Trade CO.,LTD :We are a team with more than 10 years experience in LED management and will respond quickly to all inquiries.   We provide professional service for our specialized LED lighting of two lines:One line for outdoor sport using such as headlight,bag light,camping light,spotlight,bicycle lights;other line is for outdoor use including with flash torch.We are happy to discuss special product requests such as Special LEDs or outdoor equipment.  Our company is constantly exploring new products and work closely with our partners and customers to provide the very best in outdoor lighting.  We create "NEW WICK" with your needs in mind!  Join us in Lighting the World with New Wick.


Several advantages why you should choose us .


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Several advantages why you should choose us .



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